Your Herbalife Daily Routine


Everything in this Plan is DELICIOUS. Enjoy!

A Typical healthy day with HERBALIFE


Nutritious shake made with 2 tablespoons Formula 1 powder 

  + the essential tablets:

1x Multivitamin tablets and 2x Fibre & Herb tablets.

  + Thermo beverage (a delicious fat-shredding beverage) without milk and NO sugar!

Look at these 5 different ways you can make your shake!

1) Mix into soya milk, semi-skimmed milk or HERBALIFE Protein Drink Mix (= PDM, which only needs water!) See Shake it Up! for more shake recipe ideas.

2) Sprinkle Formula1 over non-sugary cereal* with milk or HERBALIFE PDM +water

*Non-sugary, unrefined Cereal – e.g. Shreddies, Weetabix, porridge (not ReadyBrek

3) Make a thin paste of Formula 1 to pour over fresh chopped fruit  or cereal.

4) Blitz in a blender: ice cubes, 2 tablespoons of Formula 1, some liquid and frozen berries or a banana.

5) Formula 1 Meal Bar if you’re in a rush! + Water and 1 Formula 2 tablet + 2 Fibre&Herb tablets.

MID MORNING - a high protein snack

Choose one of these snacking ideas: 

1) HERBALIFE Protein snack bars

2) HERBALIFE Gourmet Tomato Soup 

3) HERBALIFE Healthy Roasted Soy Beans

4) a handful of unsalted cashews or almonds

5) cottage cheese and fruit


Try one of these options… with your 3 tablets and thermo beverage!

1) Smoothie made with fresh fruit in the blender, add juice and mix with Formula1

2) Fruit salad made with chopped fruit, grapes, strawberries, blueberries etc and mixed with thin paste of Formula 1 in juice.

3) Yogurt with nuts & raisins (or fruit) and mixed with Formula 1

4) Formula 1 Meal Bar if you’re in a rush! + Water and 1 Formula 2 tablet + 2 Fibre&Herb tablets + Thermo beverage.

MID AFTERNOON - protein snack (see Mid Morning snack list above)


+ Water and your 3 tablets.

Grilled chicken, turkey, beef, or grilled fish

+ Plenty of vegetables (as colourful and varied as possible)

A huge salad made with variety of leaves: lettuce, spinach, watercress, with cucumber, tomatoes, red/green/yellow peppers, etc. 

Oil and vinegar or lemon juice dressing


SWAP chips for sweet potatoes, SWAP pasta for spaghetti, SWAP white rice for brown or basmati rice.


Choose from:

1) Variety of Fruit

2) Low fat Yogurt, Greek yogurt, sprinkled with Formula 1

3) Low fat Cheese & Ryvita


NO Burgers, pizzas, puddings or pastries. No cakes or biscuits, 

NO juice “drinks” or cordials.

NO sweets and creamy desserts. 

NO diet drinks or fizzy pop.


Drink lots of water, add HERBALIFE Aloe Juice (delicious!) and Thermo beverage and you won’t feel hungry!


Keep a record of your weight and measurements on your Success Log and book coaching calls with us 


- we’re here to help! 


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